Our long (over 40 years) experience in the field of jewelry guarantees both aesthetic perfection and excellent quality in all our products.
In our store you will be able to choose your wedding rings, through a wide variety of designs.The design and production, is carried out by professionals of the kind, who guarantee impeccable result up to the smallest detail.

Starting your research you should know:


When we refer to carats, we mean the content of gold.The more carats, the softer-sensitive the wedding rings, while respectively, the fewer the carats, the harder-resistant they become. You can choose to make your wedding rings in 9 carats (375) i.e. 37.5% gold content, in 14karatia (585) i.e. 58.5% gold content, in 18karati (750) ie 75% gold content and so on.
The best combination of durability and gold content is the 14-carat alloy and is recommended, however the choice is always yours.


Golden (yellow), platinum, bonze (pink gold), two-tone, tricolor.There are no restrictions, you can choose the color you want and that suits you.


Based on our many years of experience and know-how, we can process your wedding rings before as well as after your order (if you change your mind or if you get bored of them).
Glossy, matte, sagre, diamantized and various other treatments give the wedding rings a unique design and finish.We adapt the wedding ring to the type that suits you, so for example if the woman likes a certain treatment and the man does not, then we intervene and manufacture the men’s wedding ring more discreet.

You should know that all wedding rings with processing have a natural wear and tear with the passage of time.This should not prevent you from buying the wedding rings you like, all wedding rings return to their original form with a special processing (refresh).


The width of the wedding ring is a completely subjective affair.You can choose e.g. wedding rings of 2 mm (thin) or 6 mm (wide).Prefer the width of your wedding ring to match your finger (the size of the finger).


Many women choose to place some stone-stones in their wedding ring.
The nailing of the stones is done by a special diamond-binder and the engraving by a specialized engraver.
*The engraving of the names and date inside as well as the nailing of the zirgon stones is free of charge.


The innovative construction of the wedding rings, in our store, makes our wedding rings (with a few exceptions) fully anatomical, in order to ensure the perfect and comfortable adjustment on the finger.

By talking about anatomical wedding rings we mean the inner side of the wedding ring, which becomes kourbariti (rounded).In this way, apart from comfort, it is achieved, not only to avoid minor injuries (lifting some weight) but also the easy exit / entry of the wedding ring from the finger, in the warm months of the year, where the finger expands.



  • All our wedding rings bear the necessary certificates of authenticity and authenticity, as well as embossed stamps of the carats and the manufacturer.
  • Given our experience, we guarantee you the excellent quality and the unique design, which give you the choice between different proposals.

Our relationship with customers is personal and timeless!